I am mother to Bella, wife to C., and a newly-minted lawyer. I live just outside of D.C. in Northern Virginia. In my free time (ha!) I like to write. Eventually, maybe, someday, it will turn into something. But probably not.

Likes: Sparkly Christmas trees, fresh snow, baby breath, warm fires, dancing with my husband.

Dislikes: Traffic circles, loud people, long hours at work, and the bar exam.

Oh, and I was born in a teensy-tiny town in South Carolina, where most of my family still lives. Part of me is a small-town Southern girl (shhh, don't tell anyone).


writing, law, U2, historical novels, cheesy MTV shows like The Hills, shopping (especially Nordstrom (shoes), Banana Republic, Cole Haan, Ann Taylor, Coach, BCBG...), MommyBlogs, and most importantly, my daughter and husband.